Sunday 8 March 2015

Your local Resellers

As the Australasian Distributor for Tino Sacchi's Targaline and Evergreen products, Lambretta Concessionaires tries very hard to work with Resellers throughout the region. We want them to succeed so we can bring in more product, and offer better prices to the market so everyone can enjoy quality product.

As such, I'm pleased to say we have the following resellers at the moment:

WA: Renato de Pannone,
SA: Carter's Classic Scooters,
Vic: Vespa House (Vespatronic only),
NZ (North Island): Retro Scooter Company,
NZ (South Island): Yesterday's Scooters,

Hopefully, we'll be adding more in time.

Friday 31 October 2014

New Product - Hub Studs with extra thick head

New product from Tino Sacchi.

On the left you can see a standard hub stud, and on the right you can see the new hub stud from Tino Sacchi.

You can see the obvious differences:

  • An actual shoulder for the wheel rim. This provides a much more solid base for the wheel rim to sit on the stud, rather than being sat on threads, as per original.
  • The head of the stud is thicker. This will make it easier to install into the hub. Anyone who has replaced hub studs will know how difficult it can be with standard studs as the head is so thin, so it is difficult to get the purchase required.
You can find them in our shop :

Monday 9 June 2014

So why the Misano Supercase?

Lambretta Concessionaires, at the moment, is the only place in the world where you can get the new Misano Supercase, designed by Tino Sacchi and F. Dell'Aqua. It is a high spec case, designed with many improvements over a standard Lambretta Case.

  • The Engine mounts can be set a different heights so that TS1 style kits can easily fit inside the standard frame. This is usually achieved by using offset engine cones in the frame.
  • Removable Chain case side basket that contains the crank case seal and crank bearing, so you no longer have to remove the crank to change these parts.
  • It can be either a small block or big block as it has more than enough metal to take either stud spacing (Note Lambretta Concessionaires is only stocking the big block variant, but can order a small block if that is what you wish)
  • The extra metal around the crank case mouth also allows for much more porting that normal. Lambretta Concessionaires can optionally provide that service for you.
  • New Mag housing that enables the changing of the flywheel side oil seal without removing the mag housing.
  • Future proofed for extra attachments for silencers underneath
  • Room for extra large crankshaft, of 56mm wide and 105mm diameter. This puts all the weight where it needs to be, behind the piston, instead of in the flywheel. This means you can run light flywheels, but still keep a smooth engine. It also means that you have better pickup and loose less power. (This has been test din real life as Siobhan's Misano climbed hills better than Tino's standard engine, even though very similarly tuned, during Lammie Drive 2)
  • Tested for durability. The prototype Misano completed the 7000km of Lammie Drive 2 - even though the rider was broken, the engine wasn't! This included 800km of some of Australia's worst dirt track.
So, what do you get in the Misano kit?
  • Engine case with chain case side bearing basket
  • extra large full circle race crank
  • Crank Bearings
  • Oil Seals
  • Mag Housing
  • Varitronic, variable electronic ignition
  • Rear brake cam.
The Full PDF, mostly in Italian, is here:

We are trying to get a better translation, but a rough translation is:

The chaincase  performance motor for Lambretta. Safe, fast and especially versatile.

2 basic versions 
for cylinders with diameter 70, 125-150 - 175 cc 
for cylinders with diameter 75, 200-225 - 250 CC

Large finned surface cooling: over 50% more than the original
Absolute strength of both torsional and longitudinal ribs and fins. 

The crank cheeks are 105mm diameter instead of 94mm diameter, and the width is 56mm instead of 40.5 mm and are thus 33% wider. The connecting rod is 120mm.
The inertial mass moves inside the motor, between the bearings reducing vibration and especially without cantilevered mass, therefore less power consumption.

The increased thickness of the crank webs allow a safer coupling eliminating any form of twisting of the crank, even with very high torque. Needless to say, better to use non-standard cranks with stroke up to 64mm stroke instead of 58. The crank is of high quality and will be provided already mounted in the supercase. The connecting rod is forged and machined for superior quality, as with all the components.

We all know how inconvenient and expensive it is to replace the oil seal or bearing on the chain side.
In fact, for relatively low cost components, it is necessary to anticipate a high cost for the replacement because of high labour charges, as is necessary to remove: power, plug, cylinder, cylinder head, piston and crankshaft; everything for a part that costs a few dollars. Then it has to be reassembled.

With the Misano Supecase any maintenance can be performed quickly.

Simply remove the pinion and extract a basket with the seal and flanged bearing. Replace the seal and / or bearing, the basket can be repositioned and secured with 6 steel screws.
The back of the Supercase has no major differences from the original Innocenti case, except for the larger fins and the ability to use wider 4.00x10 tyres instead of the original 3.50 x 10, not bad!
Nothing has been overlooked, not even the mag flange to hold a power more powerful, programmable Varitronic ignition; In addition you can also replace the oil seal in this case simply by removing a ring from the outside.

Also the distance, from the frame, of the Supercase may be different to the client's request; this to allow mounting of kits with bulky manifolds without resorting to traditional eccentric cones.

What more is there to say?

The user will no longer have to sacrifice more and more expensive and rare original casings with partial results; we have thought of everything!

  • Large finned surfaces
  • High resistance to bending and twisting
  • Crankshaft large dimensions: diam. 110, width 56mm (+ 33%) 
  • forged Rod and machined for high revs, length 120mm
  • Replacement of the bearing and oil seal side chain without disassembling crank. 
  • Replacing the oil seal on the flywheel side from the outside by removing only a cir clip 
  • Large volume of sump pump 
  • Balance mass between the crank bearings, so no overhanging weight 
  • Basic support for any type of cylinder  
  • Distance from the frame of the cover: increased or standard. The engine mounts are reinforced
  • Threaded for any special mufflers
  • All threads are of greater depth
  • The housing allows mounting of tyres 4.00 x 10, not possible before now
  • The housing allows mounting of Varitronic 90W 12V or 12V 160W Mitronic
The casing comes in Misano: 
  • crankshaft complete with 120mm conroe
  • mag housing
  • electronic ignition 
  • basket complete with seal and screws
  • chain case side crank bearing
  • Chaincase stop
  • Quality seals and bearings 
Anything not on this list may be used interchangeably with original or latter market as per the original. 

Sunday 25 May 2014

Earliest English Language Review of a Lambretta?

Australia started receiving Model B Lambrettas in 1949. A great deal of research has been done by members of the Lambretta Club of Australia, and fellow enthusiasts, and have even traced down the ship that the first ones came in on.

I've been collecting various Australian Lambretta memorabilia, and I believe this is not only the earliest Australian review of a Lambretta, from Australian Motor Sports December 1949, but quite possibly the earliest English Language review.


Tuesday 20 May 2014

Original Lambretta Service and Technical Newsletter for inboard Disc Brake

Over the years, we've accumulated a few original newsletters.

I thought this original Service and Technical Newsletter would be quite handy, as a number of people find it quite frustrating to service the inboard disc brake.

Hello and welcome

This Blog will be about anything Lambretta that Steve and Siobhan find interesting, or to announce news about Lambretta Concessionaires, such as new parts we are bringing to the Australian market.

It is a blatant attempt to try and get you to come back and visit us on a  regular basis.